Black Mirror

I just watched the first episode of “Black Mirror.” Set in the near future, the story begins as the prime minister of England is woken up in the middle of the night. The princess of England has been kidnapped! She will die in a few hours, unless…

The prime minister fucks a pig on live TV.

I’ll let that sink in. It’s bizarre, but why not. It’s a novel plot. Of course the prime minister won’t do it, he says so himself. But who would make such a demand, and why? That’s the question I expected to see answered. Not so.

The prime minister’s temperament quickly deteriorates. He assaults his closest advisor, calls her a “bitch.” Polls shift to show 86% of the population is in favor of him fucking a pig to save the princess. His staff starts to pressure him, stating it’s the only way to ensure her safety. The prime minister breaks down. Spoiler alert!

He fucks a pig.

Which is fine. Prime ministers have been known to do that. That’s not what gets to me. What gets to me is the strategical incoherence of giving into a kidnapper’s demand. There’s a reason why governments state they don’t negotiate with terrorists. If you give in to demands, you are demonstrating that kidnapping WORKS.

“Need something? Kidnap the princess! Last time the prime minister fucked a pig to get her back, clearly there’s not much he won’t do.” Princesses and all public figures immediately become targets.

Prime ministers would never make that dumb of a mistake. F, would not watch again.